Ryde Hospital

Ryde hospital is a public hospital servicing the needs of Ryde- Eastwood- Epping-Carlingford community in Sydney.
The wider geographical coverage may include the Hills district, and Parramatta.

It is a general hospital with:

  • 174-bed capacity
  • having two medical wards
  • a surgical ward
  • a rehabilitation building (Graythwaite)
  • a short stay intensive care unit
  • a high dependency unit

Ryde hospital works in close association with Royal North Shore hospital, which is a major tertiary referring centre for Ryde hospital.

On-site support services include:

  • aged care
  • cardiology, diabetes and endocrinology
  • gastroenterology
  • intensive care, maternity
  • neurology
  • nephrology
  • psychiatry
  • rehabilitation
  • respiratory
  • colorectal surgeries
  • endoscopies
  • abdominal and gynaecological laparoscopies
  • orthopaedics and fracture management

There is a 24-hour emergency department with on-site radiology support staffed by emergency physicians, registrars, career medical officers, residents and interns.

Allied health services include:

  • social work
  • physiotherapy
  • speech therapy
  • occupational therapy

Ryde hospital is accredited by the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) for basic physician training.
As Ryde is part of the Nepean hospital physician network, medical registrars from Nepean hospital rotate through Ryde hospital.
Ryde is accredited by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACP) for surgical and orthopaedic training.
Surgical trainees from Royal North Shore hospital rotate through Ryde hospital.
Ryde emergency department is accredited for emergency training.
The Rehabilitation unit at Graythwaite also supervise rehabilitation advanced trainees through the RACP.

Macquarie Uni Hospital

Opened in June 2010, Macquarie University Hospital (MUH) is Australia’s first and only private hospital on a university campus.

Macquarie University Hospital, is committed to delivering a positive patient experience and superior clinical outcomes through the best available care and the latest technologies.
Located on the leafy grounds of Macquarie University’s North Ryde campus, the hospital is owned and operated by the University. As an academic hospital, their doctors are committed to a culture of continuous improvement in patient care through teaching and research.

To bring the best outcomes to our patients, Macquarie University Hospital follows three simply stated aims:

  • to heal
  • to learn
  • to discover

Macquarie University Hospital is part of a large and integrated medical community that features the latest technology, much of it unavailable anywhere else in the country.
The hospital has superb patient facilities and our medical staff take an integrated approach to clinical care. The 183-bed state-of-the-art hospital offers a comprehensive range of services and specialist areas, with links to the Macquarie University Hospital Clinic and the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. This integrated network means that patients benefit from the collaboration of specialists and researchers who bring their collective knowledge and skills to their work.

Patients also benefit from the convenience of travelling to one location for all their treatment.