Dr Lorraine Pereira is a consultant endocrinologist with interests in thyroid, pituitary, adrenal disorders, diabetes, obesity, gestational diabetes, metabolic bone disorders, and general endocrinology.
Prior to medicine, Dr Pereira studied advanced nutritional sciences and has previously worked as a dietitian.
She obtained her medical degree from the University of Sydney, followed by Master of Medicine (Clinical Epidemiology) from the same university and Masters in Endocrinology and Diabetes from Barts University, London. For her physician fellowship in Endocrinology, she trained extensively at Liverpool Hospital, St Vincent’s Hospital and Blacktown Hospital.

 Dr Lorraine Pereira Dr Pereira is committed to research, teaching and learning.
She has undertaken research in metabolic bone disorders at the Garvan Institute of Medical research in Sydney.
She has published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at local and international conferences.
She has mentored and trained medical students and specialist doctors for their exams.